We have acquired our mission as well as technical capacities through our 30-year accumulated experience. We strive for providing the best services to our customers by exploiting the best means of modern technology in various fields such as exterior and interior paints and fire-resistant paints according to the best professional standards. Providing first-rate services made it possible for us to implement the largest trade centers and complexes. We always strive for excellence and innovation. Anwar Sharurah Foundation.

Vision, Mission and Goals


To be a pioneer in providing paint works in Saudi Arabia.

Our mission

Through our long experience accumulated for more than 30 years, we have inspired the best skilled technical competencies. We always strive to provide the best for our clients especially in all areas of our services. We use the best equipment and modern techniques to apply exterior and interior paints as well as fire-resistant paints. According to the highest quality standards of professional excellence by our performance, we are implementing in the biggest and most luxurious shopping malls and entertainment malls . Wherever you find creativity and excellence, you find Anwar Sharorah Cont. Est.


The first institution to provide fire resistance of paints to a varying hours in Saudi Arabia

One team for promising innovation

Provide an ideal working environment and to serve our customers with the required quality and on time.

Achieve the highest standards of quality and excellence through selecting the best raw materials for paints.

Save costs for access to high-quality work at competitive prices.

Enterprise Policy

– The use of high-quality materials in the process of implementation of the projects.
– The use of the latest devices in production processes.
– Increase the level of performance of the team.

Our excellence makes us superior to the completion of projects and commercial complexes in different places in Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh: “Sahara Plaza, Khurais Mall, Salam Mall, Tala Mall, Nakheel Mall.”
Jeddah: “Arab Mall, Red Sea Mall, Salam Mall, Hira Mall, Aziz Mall, Haifa Mall, Mall of Yasmine.”
Mecca: “Mecca Mall, Azizia Mall.”
Medina: “Noor Mall.”
East: “Dhahran Mall, Ibn Khaldoon Plaza, Al-Ahsa Mall.

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